SUBMITTED BY: Brian Agopsowicz

Fly Tied by Brian Agopsowicz
Photo taken by
Ruben Breitkreutz

FISHING METHOD: Floating line with 10 -16 Ft leader. Use the count down method to get the fly just off the bottom. Use a slow to medium retrieve (4 - 8 seconds for each hand twist) with a several quick 2 - 3 inch pulls every 15 - 30 seconds. Use the same retrieve for sinking lines. The fly should be weighted if your going to be trolling.
 Hook  Mustad 9671 or9672 size 8 - 16
 Thread  6/0 or 8/0 black or olive
 Weight  Lead or Substitute
 Tail  Pheasant tail or brown hackle fibres
 Ribbing  Silver or Gold fine wire or black thread
 Body  Peacock herl (2 - 4 strands)
 Wing case  Pheasant tail fibres
 Thorax  Peacock herl (2 - 4 strands)
 Legs  Pheasant tail barbs or brown hackle


  1. First pinch your barb, then lay a thread base down.

  2. Tie in the  fibres for the tail.

  3. Tie in the ribbing, add the weight to thorax at this time. Secure the weight with tying thread.

  4. Tie in the herl, wrap up 2/3 of the hook shank.

  5. Reverse wrap the rib up the body (5 - 7 wraps) with fine silver wire. Another way to tie in the  body, is to twist the herl together with the ribbing material. Both ribbing options add strength to the body.

  6. Tie in the wing case material (pheasant tail fibres need to cover the thorax, plus the length between the eye of the hook and the point of the hook).

  7. Tie in the herl and build the thorax (3 -5 wraps).

  8. Pull the wing case material forward and secure.

  9. Pull the tips of Pheasant tail back to form the legs on each side of the fly.

  10. Build a small head to finish off the fly.

  11. Whip finish and cement the head of the fly.    

Tying Tips - Leave enough room (2 - 3 millimeters) to build a small head on the fly. This is an easy fly to crowd the eye of the hook.